Graphical Adventures: SLUDGE


Some of you may be aware of the cross-platform open source graphical adventure game engine called SLUDGE. It used to be Windows-only, but starting with version 2.0 it’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux. (The 2.0 development kit is currently Mac-only, but games made with the 1.x dev kit in Windows can be run in the 2.0 engine, and there are plans to bring the new dev kit to all three platforms.) Version 2.0 is currently in beta, but it’s reached the point where it’s working well, so we want more people to try it to find any bugs that may be remaining.

Please let me know if you find any bugs or problems! I’m also interested to know the system requirements, so if you run this on an older computer, I’d appreciate it if you let me know how that works, too.

If you’re interested in SLUDGE, you can find out more at the official SLUDGE forum.

Edit: As stated below, now SLUDGE 2.0 is released.

If have downloaded the Mac version, I have to apologise to you. There was a bug that prevented the game from starting at all. I have uploaded a fixed version.


I played Frasse a few years ago, with the wine emulator on Linux. It worked pretty well, but I’m very happy to be able to play it natively today.

I didn’t know the Sludge engine had been opensourced recently!

I managed to compile it on Linux but I had to modify this part:

#include <libpng/png.h>


(I don’t remember well what I did, I think I removed the libpng part if it was present, or the opposite.)

I planned to post this on the sludge forum, but couldn’t register (I mean I tried to register, but haven’t got any registration email, even in my bulk mail)

You are not able to run Frasse natively today. (Please don’t try! It’ll be awful.) Unlike all other SLUDGE games, Frasse is not supported in the new engine. (We switched the sound system recently, and Frasse uses a format for its music that’s no longer supported.) I’m working on a new “special edition” release of that game, though.

I only work with Windows and Mac myself (the Linux port is handled by Tobias Hansen), so I can’t comment on that particular issue. (Other than to say it sounds strange.)

Adventure Developers had a database crash recently, so that may be the reason for it. I suggest you try again.

Btw: I was slightly surprised to get a reply to this post. I thought it had been silently removed by a moderator or something as it just disappeared shortly after I’d posted.


get assured your post wasn’t removed because I found it!

About Frasse, it was working well on Linux, but I haven’t tried the sound, maybe the reason why I wasn’t shocked :wink:
The only thing a bit strange I noticed, was the graphical elements (like Frasse’s body) looked slightly separated, but it wasn’t much noticeable.

I’ll try soon to register again on the other forum.

Merk just moved it to the new forum, “Interpreters, Add-Ons, and Tools”.

I’ve tried again to register, but didn’t get any email for activating my account (even in the spam folder).

The correct way to specify an include directory for libpng on Linux is using the command:

libpng-config --cflags

You then append that output to the compile command. For example, on my system, it’s “/usr/include/libpng12”, so “#include <libpng/png.h>” will NOT work. The correct way is to keep “#include <png.h>” and use ‘libpng-config --cflags’ to get the correct -I option for GCC.

Similarly, you need to use ‘libpng-config --ldflags’ to get the linker flags that should be appended in the link command.

You might want to pass the above along to the person who’s maintaining the Linux port :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will.

Now SLUDGE 2.0 is released. Both engine and development kit are available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

(And if you want to try a SLUDGE game, I recommend the recently released dialogue-based Life Flashes By by Deirdra Kiai.)