Grandpa's Ranch hint request

Apparently this game is meant to be an easy game for kids, but I can’t solve it haha.

I can’t figure out the password on the laptop or the combination for the metal box in the storage room. I’d guess I’m supposed to just guess the laptop password based on stuff lying around the house? And that’ll probably give me the combination for the metal box?

(I also can’t do anything with the bull in the eastern enclosure, but I get the impression that the treasure is buried in the eastern enclosure, so I probably can’t dig it up until I deal with the box and/or the laptop.)

[You have scored 11 points out of 15 possible.]
You are carrying:
A remote
A key
A flashlight
One end of a rope
A tablecloth
A shovel

Ah, nevermind, I didn’t realize that the “cheatsheet” that comes with the game is a walkthrough and not just documentation. I’ll just use that.

For the record, here’s a small hint that would have helped me:

If you follow the tutorial, it will lead you to “say kennedy” to Molly. There is a good reason the tutorial advises you to do that.

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