Grandma Bethlinda's Remarkable Eggs-tra Credit

I thought I’d start a thread for folks looking to go the extra mile with Grandma Bethlinda’s Remarkable Egg! The rest of this post has spoilers through getting to the regular ending – i.e., the names of some of the possible extra points – but I think it makes sense to spoiler-block discussion of getting particular points.

So far I’ve got 8 of what looks like 21 possible:

Sweep Up
Positive Attitude
All the Year Round
Laid-Back Sauna
Hundred Percenter

And I feel like I should have gotten Someone Has Allergies, but maybe I’m not thinking about it right – anyone solve this one?

I managed to get the guard to sneeze by deploying him, then starting to dust – he does get caught in the feather duster and starts to sneeze, but that isn’t triggering the point so I might be on the wrong track.


I was wondering when someone would start this thread. Thanks for doing so. :slight_smile:

The only one I’ve got so far not on your list is

Quick Pop.

(Hint, not a full solution): This has to do with getting the soap bubbles to pop as soon as they come out of the egg.

Complete spoilery answer: Have the steam on when summoning the bubbles.


re: Someone Has Allergies

I got this, but I don’t remember exactly how. I think the guard is allergic to flowers.

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The ones I haven’t got are

Vroom, Vroom
Fender Bender

And I’m kind of out of ideas.

Just got this one, and I don’t think this hint is quite right:

Seems like it’s much simpler, I just put out the lavender scent when the guard was deployed and got it.

And I’ve gotten a bunch of others too, but still not any of your three. I assume the first two have to do with the racecar, but I haven’t been able to get it to do anything except zoom to the edge, get intimidated, and run away.

Yeah I probably just misremembered.

Though lavender is a flower, I guess.

I’ll just add hints for those that are missing from Mike Russo’s list. Several of these I’m not sure about, but if I find the time, I’ll replay it and make edits:

Shiny: A metallic color.
Solution: GOLD

I’m Thirsty: Put out fire with water.
Solution: EXTINGUISH when the AIRPLANE flies across your face.

Alpine Talent Show: Do tricks to appropriate music.

Snicker: Be a comedian.
Solution: JOKE

Trial and Error: I’m extra uncertain how I got this. I just kept typing every verb the game used, and one of them gave me this (but didn’t have any other effect), long before getting out of the handcuffs. Perhaps it is simply trying a certain number of unrecognised commands? In a row?

Feature Presentation: Home theatre
Solution: MOVIE

Big Haul: Major cleanup
Solution: RETRIEVE everything at once: bone, brick, comb, flowers, red ball, birdie, pin.

On Your Feet!: Wake up the guard

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Thanks for doing this! I’ll add similarly-formatted hints for the ones I had, in case that helps others. Also quick, completely-spoilery note on Trial and Error: I got it late in the game, after typing six unrecognized commands in a row. I’d definitely tried a bunch of others throughout the game, so I suspect it’s about doing a number all at once. Oh, and on Someone Has Allergies, now that I think about it, maybe you need both sneezing fits – the lavender scent and the duster – to trigger it?

Greetings: Be polite to the egg

Sweep Up:Get clean on the inside, then clean on the outside.
Solution:You get this just by using SWEEP and letting the cleaning cycle complete, but for that command to work you first need to steam clean the egg’s internals using UNITRON. The pressure will build up over time and need to be periodically vented – the goal is to reach 100% pressure. I did this using lots of undo-spamming so I don’t have the exact sequence easily available, but in case it’s helpful, the commands and percentages for the last couple of turns were WAIT to 131% → VENT to 65% → increase to 100%.

Grrrr: Make a dog angry.
Solution:Pop out the DOG, give him a BONE, then RETRIEVE once he starts chewing on it.

Exterminator: You need to lure before you act.
Solution: Turn the egg PINK to get the fly to come near, then SWAT it.

Positive Attitude: (You need to reach Hundred Percenter before you can get this one) Consistency is everything.
Solution: Say everything is GOOD when you take the SURVEY.

All the Year Round: You’ll need to extrapolate from a known command.
Solution: Get horoscopes for all the signs of the zodiac.

Laid-Back Sauna: This one’s obvious.
Solution: Just use STEAM.

Hundred Percenter: Just follow the egg’s lead.
Solution: Complete the egg’s autorepair sequences, which are pretty easily solved via trial and error.

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Thanks! A note on Laid-Back Sauna: I think I had to play the jazz music while steaming for this.


Unitron only let me 4 turns, I can do it in 3, but no in 4


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I think my successful run started off with a couple consecutive turns of venting, which might give you more time to get to 100%?

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I did it, edit upwards. Thx.

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Got two more!

Vroom, Vroom: The car needs a way off the table.

Fender Bender: Crash the car into something.
Solution: BRICK. RAMP. RACECAR. (And then wait.)

Only one left!

EDIT: Got it!

Bull’s-Eye: You need something to hit.
Solution for part 1: TARGET
Hint for part 2: A flying thing must hit it.
Solution for part 2: AIRPLANE. Then keep waiting. Don’t give up!

Final comment: I was actually a little disappointed that you couldn’t load the egg with the handwritten note and print the manual on that.

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Yeah, not being able to print the manual also bugged me. I kept trying to see if there was a command that would manually put paper in the egg, and typed LOAD without thinking about it which was funny when the saved-game dialogue box came up!

Yes, of course, MANUAL is the only command I can’t target.

OK, if you get 21 extra credits you get MANUAL (wink) as completed. Read final ingame comment

  • Jade
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I’m into the eggs-tra credit part of the game, but I’m stuck with the Microbot:


I’m getting the message: ‘Microbot says, “Unable to climb. Progress is blocked by a big white object with a red stripe.”’

I’ve been past this point before with the Microbot, but I’m not sure how I got there. I thought the big white object with the red stripe was the juggling pin, but the juggling pin is currently on the table and when I type “juggle” I get the old “The egg beeps twice.” message. So either it’s not the juggling pin or I’ve found a bug.

Can anyone help?

You’re on the right track. There’s more than one pin, but the egg has to have all pins before your solution will work.


you have to collect the missing pin and then juggle again.

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Eggsplicitly, surely?


In my own review I gave an explanation for solving the unitron/steam/vent puzzle, I think it’s probably better placed here.

What happens is that six times, 35 gets added to the sum (starting with zero). Between each of these events, you can either do nothing or ‘vent’, which halves the total achieved until then (rounding down fractions, unfortunately, this is going to introduce a little guesswork – you can treat it mathematically too, but it’s not really worth it). So here’s one way to see what is happening. Let Z = wait and V = vent. Then if you do nothing, you basically get this:

35 Z 35 Z 35 Z 35 Z 35 Z 35 = 6*35 = 210

But suppose that you vent the last time. Then all those 35s before the last one will be halved. And so we would have:

17 Z 17 Z 17 Z 17 Z 17 Z 17 V 35 = 5*17 + 35 = 120 (except for some rounding errors)

If instead we had vented the first time, then only the first 35 would have been halved and we would have ended up with:

17 V 35 Z 35 Z 35 Z 35 Z 35 = 17 + 5*35 = 192.

If we vent more than once, we can turn 17s into 8s, 8s into 4s, 4s into 2s and 2s into 1s. Suppose we vent on the first and the third turn, what we get is:

8 V 17 Z 17 V 35 Z 35 Z 35 = 8 + 2 * 17 + 3 * 35 = 8 + 34 + 105 = 147.

So what we now see is that the exercise is to pick six numbers from the list 1, 2, 4, 8, 17, 35 such that they sum to 100! (With a possible small rounding error.) And then we may notice 4 + 8 + 17 + 17 + 17 + 35 = 98, which might well be 100 with a small rounding error. And so we see that we should do:

4 V 8 V 17 Z 17 Z 17 V 35, that is, vent on the first, second and fifth turn.

I hope this is at all clear!


Official hints for the Extra Credit are now available at the IFDB page.