Gorm 1994 Adventure For RISC OS Emulators


Has anyone played the above extremely large game by Chris Allen from 1994? I am normally quite good at solving these but any hints to the dance school / thug in alleyway would be most appreciated.


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Will this game play on the Risc OS available on the Raspberry Pi?

I am far from an expert on the Raspberry Pi but I suspect that the answer is yes. I am playing it via the RPCEmu 0.9.3 easy-start bundle which I downloaded from


If you would like to send me your email address I can send you the .adf file and the unzipped version to see if you can get it working.



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The RPCEmu looks exactly like the RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi. I am not actually running a RISC OS at this time but it is easy to do.

I will send you my email in a message. I would like to give that version of Adventure a try.

Thanks, Jeff

OK Jeff I’ll await your message.


I am having a new frontal assault on Gorm and I have managed to make more progress than hitherto. It appears, like Jonathan Partington’s Avon to be set in the same town in different centuries which are accessed via timewarps. You have to access them by solving some very tough problems.

The aim of the game (as Brucey almost said) is to prevent project GORM (Genocidal Organisation of the Release of the Maelstrom) which has been invoked by an evil prince called Boris. A boy has been born who can thwart the prince but he is dangerously ill and the player has to travel through time zones to find an antidote to save the boy’s life. You start in the eighteenth century and have to work out how to travel forward to the present day (or 1994 when Chris Allen wrote it).

The whole is extremely large with a tricky maze and a whole host of NPCs with whom you have to communicate to make progress. A pretty good parser and a whole host of weird and wonderful locations including a dance school, an unhygienic butcher’s shop, a police station and a wizard’s house among others. And unusually you have to commit murder and be arrested for a different crime to make much progress. This is certainly more than worth a gander if you have an Archimedes emulator. It also features automapping.

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