Gordian Book — A tool for turning Twine games into PDF CYOA games

I realise I’ve never made a post here about Gordian Book, my online tool for turning Twine games into PDF/Print CYOA books. It’s what I’ve used to produce my many CYOA adventures with Red Ruin Publishing, as well as my GNAT gamebooks, and it’s been used by a bunch of other people too.

Gordian accepts Twine/Twee files in any story format (though WritingFantasy is a good match), and turns passages into shuffled and numbered sections, which can be outputted as twee, twine, html, and most importantly formatted PDF files ready for printing.

Gordian also includes tools for all the staples of Fighting-Fantasy style books, checkboxes, items, keywords, combats, rules text, and the like. Gordian can track the items and keywords in your book, and gives reports on them, so you can see if you’ve forgotten a keyword, or misspelt an item name.

Of course, you can’t use JS and live variables in a paper-based game, but Gordian provides templates and placeholders to make re-using text a more convenient process, and I’ve just updated it to accept $name as an additional template marker, so that you can test your games in Twine and still have the same text appear in the printed book.

If Gordian sounds like something that would interest you, take a look at the tutorial