Google+ Invites

Invites are currently open. Not sure if they’re public yet or how long they’ll be open. If you’d like an invite, please PM me your email address. (Is this kind of thing allowed? I’unno.)

I’m not trolling for friends or trying to increase the number of people in my “Circles”. I really have no need for you to be there if I don’t know you.

However, I hate Facebook with some degree of passion. I’d like to see Google+ succeed. As Zuckerberg pointed out, if Google is going to succeed, they need a user base.

I’m hoping that Google never releases a developer API. I really don’t want to see another social networking platform dominated by Farmville and horoscopes. So far, it’s looking pretty good. If you don’t know anything about it, it integrates into the rest of Google’s “services”. Fantastic collaboration tool.

Anyway, if you want an invite, let me know. I’ll send them for as long as Google will let me.

Overe here, an author wrote an article for the the biggest online news magazine, depicting that G+ looks “grown up” compared to FB, and that FB is for showing who you are, while G+ is for showing what you like.

I personally believe that a) a social network is what its users make out of it and that b) most people populating a social network are, when seen as a group, non compos mentis, and I my personal forecast from this is that G+ will see Farmville and horoscopes after a short while and simply become FB2.

Funny, in my reply to that article I named Farmville and horoscopes as examples as well. Must be the two most annoying things about FB (apart from old friends marking me in old binge drinking photos they upload for the unintended pleasure of my workmates).

Indeed. The last thing I want to see is Google trying to replace Facebook. Facebook is, as far as I’m concerned, one of the biggest wastes of time and space on the internet. While it’s original intentions may have been something similar to what Google is attempting now, it has degenerated into a tangled mass of infuriation. I sincerely hope that Google sticks to their guns and attempts to make G+ something different. Google already owns “the internet”. Given current and possible integrations into everything from Google Docs to Latitude to Google search itself, the possibilities to make the service a true social networking and collaboration tool are astounding.

I spend more time deleting and blocking things from my “Wall” than I spend doing anything else on Facebook. Google doesn’t need this kind of thing unless they want to be the Facebook2. I’m hoping they think more of their service than they do about just pulling in as many users as they can.

And I do have to occasionally “untag” myself in a picture, following that with a less than pleasant reprimand to the uploader.

No, spambot, this was MY post.

Google has already succeeded, with more aps and services (including Youtube) coming out all the time.
What’s an API?
Google is the browser you should hate (See new sig).