Goofy adult game

I made a small game that perhaps someone might derive some entertainment from.

It was for a NSFW (adult) game jam. It’s fairly tame, but talks about adult romance.

Horny Game

Made for Strawberry Jam 5.

Have a nice day.


Highly recommended. Not what I expected in a very good way.

It’s not porn, so play it if you are of age and are up for an exploration of the concept of horny.

Horny Game is horny for you, and I’m not kidding - games have needs too. It’s a game, and it’s horny. So horny, you’re gonna bang. Of course you are. But first, there ensues a labyrinthine conversation about consent and highbrow knots of double negatives and making boats and spiraling in a loop of reversals and counter-denials that become manipulative in a way that, in my experience, defuses any desire to bang… The kinks get meta and spiritual.

The game is horny, but also a little bit off. What it’s asking for is something you can’t do and - you can’t bang the game really and have to explain that in no uncertain terms eventually if you want to stop looping. I really enjoyed what it had to say. I believe I found the ending, but the path is tricky, I wouldn’t put it past the game to have hidden secrets I didn’t explore.

One potentially missed opportunity:

I wish there would have been a more specific reaction if I had typed in “bang” when deciding on an activity other than banging.



That’s so kind of you to play it and write so thoroughly and thoughtfully your thoughts about it. I’m really deeply flattered and grateful.

There are no deeply-hidden secrets, unfortunately; just so nobody spends too much time trying to “unlock the game”.

But thank you so, so much. I had absolutely no expectation that it would resonate with anyone and I’m really happy it resonated with you.

Also I love your idea. It definitely would have been cooler with lots of little secrets but I ran out of time for the game jam.

Thanks again.


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It made me feel like a teenager again… Maybe even 12!

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Better than making you feel like you’re 30 right now. :sweat_smile:

Thanks so much for checking it out.

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(I made an entry for this game on IFDB and transferred my review there!)


You’re very kind. Thank you so much, my friend!

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I posted a review too! (I doubt spoiler tags are necessary; anyone reading this far into the topic should have played the game at least a bit, right?)

As Hanon has remarked in his review, this is not a porn game. This is not a game in which you bang. It is a game that wants to bang you. And it has been saddled with all the confusion and uncertainty and obsessive horniness of a teenager, which makes the endlessly looping conversation – that spirals out towards God and friendship and the emotions but always returns, sooner rather than later, to the idée fixe of banging – at once funny and a little heart breaking. Have we not all been here? Or have we not wished to be here, where we at least had the courage to ask?

The game – not the game that you’re talking to, but the game itself – even allows for an amount of role playing. After going along with the idea of banging for a while, I found myself slowly attempting to take on the role of the adult who is definitely not going to bang this teenager but who might help them attain a state of at least comparable emotional rest. I never succeeded; but then, that seems highly appropriate. For how can one find rest from horniness… without banging?

An unfulfillable desire. The madness of Tantalus.


When the reviews are more poetic and more compelling than your game.

But seriously, I’m so grateful that you guys felt it was worthwhile to write about my tiny game. I wish I had a solid way to reciprocate. For now, I will give my sincerest thanks.