Goldilocks: A Twine narrative experiment

Hi all,

I’ve released a short form Twine game on that it would be great if I could get some feedback on. I’m interested in authorial voice and the reader’s narrative choices in fiction - particularly looking at how an interactive narrative can enable the reader to dictate narrative voice and how this is reflected back on the reader, and how that act of creation informs meaning.

‘Goldilocks’ is a re-telling of the traditional narrative but with a very different take on a very familiar trope.

Anyway, here is the URL. Really appreciate any feedback on this - I’m looking to use this to develop a much longer work.

Please drop me a message on PM here if you have any comments.

Thanks in advance,


I like the writing a lot, I’d say it’s much, much better than standard IF prose, both in imagery and sentence-quality. Will finish it again and compare readthroughs. The decompiled Twine code seems somewhat stateless; choices simply rearrange the order in which you see the text, yes? (Not a criticism, just wondering what’s your aesthetic aim with this.)