Golden Banana of Discord - prize

The Golden Banana of Discord was mentioned in another thread, and it made me curious–is there is still a banana trophy for that?

there should be! my recollection is that it disappeared at some point in 2012 or 2013, and then was rebuilt for the 2016 comp and sent from the authors. it’s possible it’s become lost again since then, in which case, well, all bananas are clones, right? just grab another :slight_smile:


EDIT: I don't know what you mean by "golden corm." (see below)

The most recent incarnation of the Golden Banana was lost again a competiton or two ago. We played around with possible replacements last year and have some ideas for this year, but we don’t have a physical trophy anymore.

oh dear! i’ll edit my post, i didn’t realize it’d been lost post-2017. it’s just as well, my recollection was that this current clone had become physically damaged in storage or transport.

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Oh–sounds like it’s being worked on, then, maybe?

FWIW, there are some cute crochet banana toys on Etsy.

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I’m not planning on making another Golden Banana trophy myself (I have zero skills in that area), but I have a couple of ideas for banana-related prizes that the winner might like. We had a similar workaround last year that I think (or hope!) the recipient enjoyed.


Huh. It was a shiny gold stuffed banana toy, right? I could probably whip up something like that. By mid-November, right?

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i believe the last one was also framed, not that this needs to be reproduced. it’s not exactly a complicated object – take a banana, spray-paint it gold, etc. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,
I’m last year’s winner and I would like to either donate money to create a trophy, or just have a trophy made and delivered to the new winner. Ideally the latter because I’d actually like to hold it in my hand before passing it on. You have no idea how much of a lifegoal the golden bannana is to an eccentric like me. Between first place in IFComp and the Golden Bannana, I’d take the bannana


Le Banane est mort…

I created a major artifact a few years ago and it sadly broke in shipping. I guess that’s on-brand for the Golden Banana of Discord…

Here's part of the paperwork I made with an image of what it looked like

I managed to paint a fake banana gold and mount it in a shadowbox with all kinds of surrounding lore that it was museum artifact on loan because its discord increased the longer it was in one place… and bad things would happen, which is why people could only keep it one year…


pauvre banane

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Tangent: is there a place in the IF Archive for things like photos of the Golden Banana? On IFWiki and on the IFComp blog, there are links to photos of the banana trophy, but some of those links no longer work, and it seems like it’d be good to have a permanent place for photos like that.

(It also looks like there were IFComp t-shirts in 2006, and the link to the order page no longer works, so I don’t see any pictures of what those t-shirts looked like, either.)

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I think they offered IFComp coffee mugs last year with the 2019 art? It’s easy enough to design shirts and other merch on sites like RedBubble and similar. I made a Cardinal Corporation coffee mug last year because I wanted one and gifted some out as well.

IFWiki accepts uploaded images; that feels like the right answer for this situation.

I think it’d be good to have photos of it on IFWiki. I am not sure how permanent a solution that is, though, since as far as I know, image files uploaded to IFWiki aren’t backed up anywhere.

I’m not looking to design a shirt myself, but since there’s an official t-shirt mentioned on the wiki, I thought it’d be interesting to have a picture of it on its wiki page or somewhere that the wiki could link to.


Oh–if anyone does have photos of the trophy and wants to give permission to upload them to IFWiki, I can try to upload them…(or if you’d rather do it yourself, that is also fine–I’m actually not sure how it’s done).