Gold Machine IF Comp thoughts (UP: Kaboom)

So… is it possible to get the last two points in LAKE Adventure? I can certainly see why it wouldn’t be, but I’d like to be sure

e: reviewed


Have you tried XYZZY? And then I think I saw someone said FART might get you a point, which I suppose makes sense given the diegetic explanation for the game’s authorship…

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Yeah, that’s it. I wonder if it changes the ending? For some reason, my saves have stopped working, even though I have a downloaded version :frowning:

(I am writing about it, so I cannot assume too much)

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It’s interesting to see the discussion about the last two points. I assumed I missed them because I died twice while playing, getting beaten up by the bully, I think. So, one point lost per death, I assumed.

I initially thought it might have to do with which memories were vaporized, since that would feel somewhat aligned with ATYCtaHNUtPO, but that’s definitely not the case.

e: at least, not with regard to the points

e2: I figured out the save thing, but… I find it discourteous, but xyzzy only works near the beginning of the game. I’ll replay and report here. I really doubt it will change anything

e3: if it does change something, it’s quite subtle. I couldn’t see a difference. Which is probably the point.

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I’ve published my piece about LAKE Adventure and, to a lesser extent, Repeat the Ending.


I typed “fart” and “xyzzy” during my play through (fully embodying the character), but wasn’t paying attention to the score. There was a score?

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I believe so - I tested it and remember there being a score; haven’t replayed it but from discussion it appears there still is.

As Drew indicates, given the in-fiction origins of the game, it makes sense there’d be a score but also that it would be somewhat orthogonal to the overall impact of the piece.


Those are not the only missable points. Petting the cat is worth five points, I believe. I do not know if there are other cases.


I didn’t get the earrings on my first play-through, which was worth… over 10 points, I think?

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So, uh, just how is FART (OK, I made my own custom verbs back in middle school for my own text adventures, and some were also silly) clued specifically? Is there any specific way?

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I guess I can see it, but I wouldn’t have guessed. I would have preferred various cuss words by a wide margin as a boy.

E: weird autocorrect!


Per the above I haven’t played the final version, but I think the spoilery part of your post is the clue :slight_smile:


Just wanted to say I’m enjoying these quite a bit! I feel like they manage to engage with the work in a way that wouldn’t always fit in a more traditional “review”.


Thanks! I really enjoy doing this kind of analysis. I’m glad there’s an audience for it.


My piece on LAKE Adventure made the weekly roundup at Critical Distance!