Go to room name instead of going north, south

Sorry alot of questions, but I would like player to be able to type go to back yard instead of going north. Can this be done? of course they have to know the location but, just something i think would be neat.

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Have a look at the Misadventure or Safari Guide examples in §17.10 of the docs for a couple of methods.

Or, you can use Emily Short’s extension Approaches, which can be got at the following link (assuming you’re using the latest Inform, not an old version):



Thank you. Any way to stop it from going through locked doors?

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An approach-finding rule (this is the new approach-heading selection rule):
	now approach-heading is the best route from the location to the noun through visited rooms, using doors;

The new approach-heading selection rule is listed instead of the approach-heading selection rule in the approach-finding rulebook.

Thank you.

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