Glulx to executable

Is there a way to publish Glulx games as a .exe, .app, or .dmg file?

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The IFWiki has some information on building standalone apps from Glulx games.

FYI that page has outdated links to Gargoyle…

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Not being a Windows user at all, I’ve held back from updating a link that makes claims about how contents of what the link points to are useful in a particular development context.

Good to have it pointed out, though. Looks like the page could use a more knowledgeable curator.

If you think about a standalone app, nothing makes more sense than to dig into Lectrote. With it you can publish to Windows, Linux and OSX but you must learn a bit about node.js and javascript. But Andrew Plotkin has written a pretty good article about the things you have to pay attention to.

can you send me a link?

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