Glulx Text Formatting fails to work in browser page

I am using the Inform 7 Glulx Text Formatting table. I am able to override, color, font, size… everything I code displays correct in the Windows IDE. (Mainly I change the font size because it is too small - hard to see for my eyes.)

However, when I release and publish it - creating the play-in browser page - I get NOTHING. The same default, color, default font size, etc… NONE of the settings I override in the Glulx Text Formatting tables appear. It’s as if the Quixe interpreter ignores it all.

Can someone please tell me - is this supposed to work properly or is another this half-assed unfinished tool?

Not all interpreters support all display options, and it’s a different process to set up the display for a website than for offline interpreter play. See §25.13. Website templates. You’ll need to adjust the style.css file if you want to customize the display for a web site.

Great attitude there. Next time you want help, I’d recommend not insulting the people you want help from.

If I can say this without sounding partisan, anybody who never feels frustrated by the state of Inform 7 development is probably using some other authoring system.

Yeah definitely, there are lots of pieces of the ecosystem that aren’t what they should be. But “half-assed” is just inflammatory.