Glulx sound test

I’ve written a sound test for Glulx in Inform 6M62. It is meant to test every sound-related Glk function. Any comments, suggestions, bug reports or pull requests are more than welcome.

Source code and binary are available here:

I know that at least Windows Glulxe has full sound support, but there are probably others to try it out on as well.

A new and improved version is out.

The main new feature is an automatic test command, AUTOTEST, that is meant to run through every Glk sound function. There are also separate test commands for individual parts of this test suite.

If you wonder why I’m doing this, it is mainly to debug the sound code of my WIP fork of Spatterlight. I also hope to eventually be able to port some of the improved sound code to Gargoyle. (Yeah, I guess I should update that copyright header.)