Glulx on FreeBSD?

Does anyone have a working Glulx terp on FreeBSD? How’d you do it?

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Gargoyle used to be able to be built in FreeBSD:

But I don’t know if those instructions are still up to date. Gargoyle unfortunately is not in a great place at the moment.

You could also almost certainly compile cheapglk or glkterm.

And there’s always Quixe.

seems so

$ git clone
$ git clone
$ cd glkterm
#  edit Makefile, uncomment the CC=cc line
#  and comment the CC=gcc one
$ gmake
$ cd ..
$ cd glulxe
#  edit Makefile, uncomment the three
#  glkterm lines
$ gmake
$  ./glulxe ….blorb
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Those FreeBSD-specific Gargoyle instructions are actually out of date. There is now a FreeBSD section in the Jamrules file, and Gargoyle builds (and even installs) just fine. Now I can run the individual terps directly, but the gargoyle binary can’t find them; it pops up the message “Unable to locate executable path”. If I knew where it’s looking for them I could create some symlinks, or maybe the better solution is to patch the source and recompile. I don’t know what I’m doing; any ideas?