glulx crazy format.

glulxedoingweird.png Include Glulx Text Effects by Emily Short. Table of User Styles (continued) style name justification italic indentation first line indentation font weight color special-style-2 left-right-justified true 0 40 light-weight "#0099cc"[code] say "[unicode 32][unicode 32][unicode 32][unicode 32][unicode 32][unicode 32][unicode 32][unicode 32][second custom style]You wake up in your comfortable bed, the constant hum of the ship’s engines soothing and gentle, both subtle and omnipresent. The blue-and-purple slipstream waves - bending the laws of physics to allow for FTL (Faster Than Light) travel - create a beautiful view through the transparant aluminum windows of your cabin, snapping you out of your pleasant dream.

There's one minute to go on the clock before the alarm goes off.";[/code]

Are all the [unicode 32]'s for spacing from the left? And, have you tried using [line break] or [paragraph break] before the second paragraph? Odd that it’s aligning to the right.

it’s not aligning right. it’s doing double on the second paragraph of what it’s supposed to do (but not doing) to the first bit of text.

It’s because of the first line indent. It doesn’t apply to the first paragraph because you switch styles in the middle of the paragraph.

i don’t know what that means. i switch styles?

i just put the spaces after the format code and it works fine now.

You said give special-style-2 a first line indentation of 40, and that’s what it is doing. You only switch to the second style after your manual indent, so it doesn’t apply to the first paragraph. All is as it should be.