Glulx conversion

I’m working on an old game that I previously compiled into z-code. Now I’ve hit a character limit of some sort, so I have to switch to Glulx, but when I run the game all I get is a white screen.

I don’t have ANY files specifically included in the script for the game, but I did identify and eliminate some code from Emily Short’s Basic Screen Effects that I heard doesn’t work under Glulx. According to the Extensions panel, only Standard Rules, Basic English and Basic Screen Effects are being used.

How can I bug check this?!

One option is to cut out big sections of code (using comment brackets) until it works, then add them back in until it stops working again.

Is this on a Mac? If so, try this updated version of the Mac Inform app:

Hey, that worked!

Is this new version safe with Basic Screen Effects? If not, is there a new set of extensions to cover things like press any key to continue or status bar blocking (which I think were only allowed through BSE, no?)?

Basic Screen Effects is entirely safe; certain features (i.e. colored text) just won’t work properly. If you want colors, Glulx Text Effects or Glulx Text Styles are your best options.

So it is! Thanks, everybody!