"Glory of the Kingdom" - text-based strategy game

A short text strategy game in which you play the role of a young king or queen and make decisions about the economy, law, militaries and personal life.


Short and enjoyable, thank you!

A very fun game, nice work. :slight_smile: My choices felt constrained, yet interesting. As the ruler of the kingdom, I felt like I had very little impact on peoples’ day-to-day lives, and I was just kind of trying to keep the whole ship from going down, so to speak.

Does the undead horde always come at the end? For some reason, based on the beginning of the game, I wasn’t expecting that.

Thank You for your feedback. For now I am still a beginner creator, in the future I hope to create more elaborate projects. As for the spoiler - yes, it always appears in the ending, the course of these events and their consequences depend on Your previous choices.

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I’ve played a second time and I’m pleased to see that if I voluntarily choose worst choices it does not end well. After first playthrough I was worried the game was tilted to ensure a win for the player, I now have proof it is not.

Yes, I noticed that as well! It’s really nice to find out that your choices actually matter to the fate of the kingdom. :slight_smile:

Yes, the real impact of decisions on the course of the plot is very important to me.