Glk 0.7.4

I have posted the Glk 0.7.4 spec to my web site:

This includes filename suffix recommendations, and the call to read data from a Blorb chunk.

(This does not include the stylesheet stuff – that’ll be Glk 0.8, I suppose.)

CheapGlk 1.0.3 is updated to the new spec. (GlkTerm is not, yet.)

A unit test for the Blorb-reading call is also up:

As discussed in the “Idea for fast setup in Inform games” thread…

I’ve just made a small, retroactive addition to the Glk 0.7.4 spec. I know, not supposed to do that. However, it doesn’t affect any existing games that I know of, and it will be a quick fix to existing Glk 0.7.4 libraries.

The nut is this added comment:

(Previous versions of the spec only mentioned TEXT and BINA. I’m adding FORM as a valid option.)

Implementation and updated unit test coming in a couple of days.

Sorry – my progress on this plan got blocked by a Quixe bug, and then I spent August on Hadean Lands work (and other secret project…)

Anyway, this change is now implemented in cheapglk, glkterm, and quixe. I’ve added it to the official Glk spec page (it was already on the wiki). The unit tests are resstreamtest and startsavetest, both posted at .

I’ve pushed all of this to github, but I have not done any package releases. I’ll probably do a Quixe 1.3.0 soon, as I found more save/restore bugs there that I want to clean out.