Glimmr Canvas Animation extension (testing)

Some of you may have seen the demos I’ve been posting for a new extension in the Glimmr family, Glimmr Canvas Animation. A number of people have expressed interest in testing this extension, so I thought I’d post a link here for that purpose. There is no documentation as yet, but the source code for the two demos that have been released is included, so there is some basic info to get started with. (I’ll keep adding the code for the examples as I release them.)

The link below is live, by which I meant that it will update as I make changes to the extension or its documentation. I’ll try to update the version/date to allow for easier comparison (e.g., as I post on June 11 2011, the version number is 1/110611).

Glimmr Canvas Animation

Thanks in advance for any time you have to try this out!


A quick update for folks who have downloaded this extension-in-progress: I’ve just updated it to include extensive debugging messages (include “Use animation debugging” in your source text to enable).* I’ve also tightened up the syntax of phrases to allow fewer variations, which results in a massive improvement in the compile times. There’s still no documentation, though.

Link is the same: Glimmr Canvas Animation


  • Unfortunately, a mysterious problem with Gargoyle (Mac OS X, possibly other platforms as well) disallows all but the first debugging message per turn; all subsequent messages–of which there are many, since each frame of an animation results in one line printed per tick of the timer–simply fail to print. I’m not sure what could cause this. If you have any ideas, please post! (Works fine on all of the other interpreters.) EDIT: Oops, this is not a bug–Gargoyle is doing what it’s supposed to do. It’s technically illegal to print to a window if it’s waiting for input. Include the Glimmr Debugging Console extension to divert the debugging output to a separate window when using Gargoyle or other interpreters that enforce this Glk specification.

Glimmr Canvas Animation has now been released. More info here: … -released/