Glimmr Automap released

Hi all,

Glimmr Automap has been released. Announcement on the Glimmr blog here.


EDITED: Added the image.

Excellent! From the extension it seems like it would be easy to size the automap however you like (say if you want to put it in a sidebar rather than a top banner); are there any examples of that? Also, if you wanted to make something like a roguelike or RL/IF hybrid, would Automap be the right extension or would it be better to go straight to Glimmr?

I didn’t foreground reconfiguring the graphics window in any of the examples, because that’s really a Flexible Windows operation rather than anything specific to Glimmr Automap. Here’s a new version of the minimal example from the extension docs that opens the window to the right of the main screen instead of above it:

[spoiler]“Minimal Automap”

Include Glimmr Automap by Erik Temple.
Include Glimmr Automap Tileset by Erik Temple.

Cavern is a room. North of Cavern is Cave. South of Cavern is Deep Tunnel. Down from Deep Tunnel is Pit. Southeast of Deep Tunnel is Underground Lake.

Outside from Cave is Cliffside. East of Cliffside is Foothills.

The player is in Foothills.

The map-window is a map-display window spawned by the main-window. The position is g-placeright. The measurement of the map-window is 40. The associated canvas of the map-window is the map-canvas.

The map-canvas is a g-canvas.

When play begins:
follow the opening up the map window rules.[/spoiler]

I guess that depends on how you define roguelike, or even more to the point, how you define an IF/RL hybrid :slight_smile:. Glimmr Automap produces your standard IF “flowchart” or “box-and-whisker” style maps: one box per room, with lines marking connections for other rooms. So, if you want the map to depict only discontinuous IF-style movement, where each move on the map represents a room, Glimmr Automap would work. If, on the other hand, you want continuous movement like you have in RPGs and most (all?) roguelikes, you’d be better off building something, probably using image-maps, with Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing. (Of course, the real difficulty with continuous movement isn’t the graphics–it’s creating the underlying system to handle continuous movement…)

If you want to show characters on the map—PC and NPCs—Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing is also your best bet, regardless of whether your model is continuous or discontinuous movement. Glimmr Automap is not designed for that sort of thing.