GL02 not working on Mac OS 10.6.8?

Hello everybody,
i have started looking into creation and playing IF a few years ago and have kind of followed the development with a lot of interest.
Just now I saw the new release and instantly wanted to try it.
Unfortunately, while it does start in terms of showing the welcome dialog, as soon as I try to open a new or existing project, the application crashes. The release notes say that you need Mac OS 10.6.8 or newer on an intel-based mac. That’s just what I have.
When directly starting the executable in a Terminal, before opening the welcome window, you can see

2014-06-10 00:17:28.741 Inform[1084:903] Could not find image named 'zoom-file'. Inform 7 build 6L02 has started.
I do not know if this is related in any way.

The beginning of the crash report reads

Thread 0 Crashed: Dispatch queue:
0 com.inform7.inform-compiler 0x00009e81 0x1000 + 36481
1 com.inform7.inform-compiler 0x0004ecfa 0x1000 + 318714
2 com.inform7.inform-compiler 0x00064a01 0x1000 + 408065
3 com.inform7.inform-compiler 0x0003ed5e 0x1000 + 253278
4 com.inform7.inform-compiler 0x0003edf8 0x1000 + 253432
5 com.inform7.inform-compiler 0x0003f133 0x1000 + 254259
6 com.inform7.inform-compiler 0x0003f338 0x1000 + 254776
7 0x93c7cc3c -[NSSavePanel _didEndSheet:returnCode:contextInfo:] + 141
8 0x9394de95 -[NSApplication endSheet:returnCode:] + 349
9 0x93c75f40 -[NSSavePanel dismissWindow:] + 97
10 0x93c79a2f -[NSSavePanel overwriteAlertDidEnd:returnCode:contextInfo:] + 147
11 0x9394e380 -[NSAlert didEndAlert:returnCode:contextInfo:] + 95
12 0x9394de95 -[NSApplication endSheet:returnCode:] + 349
13 0x9394dd28 -[NSAlert buttonPressed:] + 392
14 0x937aea26 -[NSApplication sendAction:to:from:] + 112
15 0x9388e255 -[NSControl sendAction:to:] + 108
16 0x93889d02 -[NSCell _sendActionFrom:] + 169
17 0x93888ff9 -[NSCell trackMouse:inRect:ofView:untilMouseUp:] + 1808
18 0x938de6ed -[NSButtonCell trackMouse:inRect:ofView:untilMouseUp:] + 524
19 0x93887a4f -[NSControl mouseDown:] + 812
20 0x93885a58 -[NSWindow sendEvent:] + 5549
21 0x9379e60b -[NSApplication sendEvent:] + 6431
22 0x93732253 -[NSApplication run] + 917
23 0x9372a289 NSApplicationMain + 574
24 com.inform7.inform-compiler 0x00002305 0x1000 + 4869

(If you want I can pastebin the whole thing)
The old version works without any problems. I have also cleared any files in ~/Library/Inform and ~/Library/Application Support/Inform that might have affected something.

Anyone else having this problem? Any possible solution, any config files or similar i might not have deleted?
Thank you for helping me out,
Leftshift aka Adrian

Looks like the same as , although the stack trace there looks like it’s opening an existing project and yours looks like saving a new project.

No workarounds listed.

Sorry, was the link I meant.

Hmm, thanks, that’s unfortunate. Does the “Inform[1585:903] Could not find image named ‘zoom-file’.” also appear on machines on which Inform is working? I’ll see if I can get my hand on a newer Mac later and try it there.

I’ve tried it on a newer computer and indeed the same message appears in the Terminal, so i has nothing to do with that.