Ghostwriter Wanted for Mostly Designed Parser-Based IF Story

I’ve developed a story that needs someone a bit more accomplished at overall writing than I am. I can write, but need someone to help with set pieces and how to pull them together. And also to help with actual writing. I know the story for the most part, the beginning, the middle(s), and end(s).

Willing to pay writers fees if we’re a good fit.


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Hello Dave. I might be able to help. Would it be possible to get a little more information about the project? I would mostly like to know what the scale and timeline of it is. Provided it is not too dauntingly epic I think I would likely enjoy contributing.

Sorry, I haven’t looked at the forums in months. I have a synopsis written up somewhere and will share that when it’s in a decent state.

I have a synopsis. Still looking for a partner. Willing to pay something. It’s still intended for the IF-Comp, which would be 2020 now.

Hi there! I am interested in hearing the synopsis, at the very least. I have limitations, mainly being that I only know Inform 7 and although I know the system to a degree I haven’t written anything but short gameplay experiments. Because I’m not a proven writer / interactive fiction author, I’d be willing to work just for a mention in the credits somewhere, since my main interest would be getting more experience. Message me if you’d like to discuss more!

What general writing experience do you have?

Mainly technical writing (scientific papers, etc), rather than static works of fiction, though I also do a fair amount of text based (discord / forum) fiction writing in the form of roleplaying, both as a player and a game master. The thing I struggle with the most is coming up with good ideas for plot and characters, but I’m pretty good at editing and connecting things.

So my struggle is with organizing a story through a proper arc. I know my story, but need help plotting it all out from start to finish. There’s also an added complication in that there are three PC’s, each one of which is controlled by the player at varying times. And the interface will have three outputs (three mirrors side by side).

An interesting setup!

I don’t see anything inherently undoable in what you have described. Having multiple characters that can be switched between (either with a command like “become the young woman” or at scripted triggers) shouldn’t be a problem, nor should teleporting between mirrors. I think the most difficult thing might be handling conversations, would you want to use a talk/ask/tell/show system, or do you have another framework in mind?

I need to run to work now, but I’m interested in continuing this conversation!

I already have the mirror thing done. Roger Carbol built an I7 extension for me. Technically there’s nothing holding this back. It’s all about laying out all of the set pieces and multiple endings.

I experimented with a “become the young woman” style command, it works except that it currently only works when the player is in the same room as the character the player is meant to become; I’m asking around for a solution to that, I’m sure it can be fixed and I just don’t have some command right.

What do you have as far as set pieces go so far? It should be relatively straightforward to build out the game world to start with, at least.

My thought was that the story would control when a given PC is in control. I would not leave that to the player since that would get out of hand, complexity-wise. These character POV changes would happen within the context of the story progression.

That makes sense, and is easy to do.

Hi David, are you still looking for writers? I can help with the outlining/plotting the arc part. I’m experienced in creating narratives with multiple POV characters.