Ghostship Delgado - a new game written with Gilsoft's The Quill (BBC Micro)

Following some successful rounds of beta testing (thanks to @fos1 and @Wysardry from here) I’m pleased to annouce the release of my new adventure Ghostship Delgado.

The adventure begins out at sea in 1964 when George Pike sets off on his holiday of a lifetime, along with his partner, and loyal dog Ruffles. Things take a strange turn when George wakes up on board a strange ship, along with his trusty dog.

The game has been written in the vintage adventure writing tool The Quill by Gilsoft (written in the early 80s). The game runs on the unexpanded 32k BBC Micro or a suitable modern emulator such as BeebEm or B2. There’s some instructions included with the game download to help you get up and running with an emulator. The game is split into two separate programs, so it’s effectively two games, although you have to complete the first part to gain access to part two.

You can download the game from Ghostship Delgado (BBC Micro) by Tony Kingsmill - i’d be delighted to hear your feedback and constructive criticism!


This looks really cool. Is there no web-based BBC emulator? Surely this is a thing. Then just load into that and play?

Yes, there are online emulators for the beeb, such as jsbeeb…

…which powers sites like the BBCmicro games collection…



Ghostship is an excellent game. The narrative, text scenery and agency are very good. I especially enjoyed this game since it takes you back to the 8 bit days. It is a well polished game equal to the best of that genre.