Ghetto Grind - a text adventure Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas type game (made in Quest 5)

Hello everybody. Here I am with my Quest project, I call it “Ghetto Grind”, which is notably inspired from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in terms of story, environment and gameplay, but not strictly remaning in inspiration.

In this game, you’re playing a young black male, who’s trying to find himself a new life and is tired from the ghetto environment. He is having new friends (and enemies), finds better jobs, does various missions (player can do 9 missions) and of course, finding some mysteries running around him. He also buys himself new props (television, oven, mobile phone, video game console etc.), interacts with people and even THINKS (yes, one of in-game commands is “think”, which gives opinions of main character in gradually varying topics).

Since I selected “mystery” as one of things the game relies on, the game is a bit cryptic at this stage (like people you’re supposed to talk to advance). But the gameplay is detailed and already going strong.

After everything I’ve told, here’s my further plans about the game:

  • Around 20 missions (this can vary)
  • Ability of dressing, working out (GYM) and buying cars
  • Dating
  • A drawing shop to buy drawings (thus graphical content)
  • A few sound effects (like gunshot)
  • Various endings (game currently has 3, occuring at varying stages)
  • (Potentially) a few easter eggs

Here’s my entry for now. Any kind of opinions and suggestions are welcomed.

Have great interactive fictions, folks.


ALPHA 3 BUILD (exact version: alpha 0.3.08)

Added game console, which was actually one of my plans but didn’t exist in the game. You can buy and play 2 games for it as well.
A tenth mission was added, it is a long mission and you have almost nothing to do but pressing inputs at some points.

  • Speaking of tenth mission, there is a twist inside the plot.

One thing I couldn’t fix yet is calling somebody from mobile phone. I didn’t test its latest form (at the time this entry is written), it may work or not.
I may publish it on or/and for early testing.

Where can we get our hands on this thing?

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There you go.

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Is there a way to see how much money PC earned? I don’t see it in inventory.

It’s in the “status” tab at top right. It’s the first (ehm, second) thing the tab shows to you.
(EDIT: Oh, I’ve also somehow forgot to mention that some events makes the game advance a bit similar to turn-based. At the top of “Status” tab there is “Hour”. Talking with people, working and a few more things make hour advance. Once it turns 24, a new day starts.)

I tried the game on mobile and can’t see those tabs on mobile. Will try it later on laptop.

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Oh, I understand. I’ll take care of it. Thanks for this feedback.

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alpha 0.3.12 devlog

  • “Look At” command shows player status (money, power, level, status) now (thanks @Edo for necessary feedback).
  • Player now has a watch to see hour (command: look at watch).
  • Added GYM to the game so player can do workouts right now.
  • FINALLY fixed my problematic phone call thing. (still needs some more work to do)
  • A few small additions, bug fixes

alpha 0.3.17 devlog

  • Calling somebody on mobile phone is completely fixed this time (as code/principle)
  • A new mission added
  • Wearing clothes introduced (exclusive to one mission only for now)
  • A few bugs related to missions are fixed
  • BACKSTORY. A short backstory is implemented at start, you can learn more about backstory in the game as well.
  • Varying quotes about player’s status in “look at” command, replacing debug numbers.
  • Information about player’s workplace in “look at” command.

beta stage devlog
Beta stage of Ghetto Grind starts from this post. Adding to already existing environment and features, I plan to expand environment way further than alpha stage and add more advanced features. I plan to keep the game more exciting as you advanced, can have more places to go, can have more things to do etc.
Stay tuned everybody!

Beta 1 is currently out on textadventures. It has sound effects now, ability to buy and drive a car, playing dart in bar, one redesigned mission and small bug fixes.

Additionally, this game got a 4-star review on site, which makes me motivated even more :smiley:

Feedbacks are welcomed under this topic.

Is it the same link as before, or you have new link for new version of the game?

Its just a file update, I’ve republished the link for people who got that far in the thread :smiley: