Getting out of bed

How do I tell inform that I am in bed in a room called bedroom so I can use the call “get up”?

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You generally want to make the bed an enterable supporter, I think:

Bed is an enterable supporter in bedroom. The player is on bed.


I don’t think “get up” is a built-in command. You could implement it manually to mean getting off the bed, or you could use the Postures extension by Emily Short.

Include Postures by Emily Short.

Bed is in bedroom.
Bed is enterable.
Bed allows reclining.
Bed allows seated.
Posture of bed is reclining.

The player is on bed. [Does this implicitly makes it enterable?]
The player is reclining.
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I’m pretty sure “get up” is a synonym for “exit” in the Standard Rules - I’m away from the IDE right now but that’s my memory and it works that way in Borogrove, at least!


get up does work. get off of or get out of don’t.

Understand "get out/off/down/up" as exiting.
Understand "stand" or "stand up" as exiting.
Understand "exit" as exiting.

Ah, you’re right. That seems strange to me, but whatever.

A lot of what’s permitted in user commands seems strange. The grammar was created with an emphasis on being generous in accepting commands the player might give and without anything like that same degree of emphasis on giving errors for things that might be nonsense in some given context.


Yeah - and “get up” to get out of a bed you start in is a pretty frequent scenario so you can see why it’s included, even though I agree it’s sort of an awkward fit for the formal container/supporter framework.

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The standard grammar includes GET OUT, GET OFF and GET OFF BED, but not GET OUT OF BED or GET OFF OF BED. I’ve never thought of a good reason for those omissions.

Nor GET UP FROM BED / GET DOWN FROM BED, come to think of it.

(The distinction between the “exiting” action and the “getting off it” action is confusing to authors, but given that the library already has both…?)


Understand "of bed" as the bed.



Hey, works for Latin, that’s just the noun in the genitive case!