Getting my IF online.

I am kind of a noob when it comes to using my IF works out side of the actual IF creator.

I’m wondering how, in it’s most basic form, I would take my IF made in Inform 7 and make it playable in-browser. I know how to use Webs, and that would probably be the best route for me. Any ideas on how I could take my IF files, and turn them into a free, fully functioning in-browser game?

Assuming you’re using a recent version of the Inform 7 IDE, it’s as easy as including “Release along with an interpreter” in your code. :slight_smile: Check out chapter 23.11 in the built-in documentation.

Thanks. Now that I think about it I should have looked there first. I’ve tried before using ‘release with webpage’ and almost got one working. I just didn’t know the specific place to look in the documentation. Thanks again.