Getting Michael Martin's 'Quip-Based Conversation' to Work

So I’ve been trying to get Martin’s Quip-Based Conversations to work, but I keep running into errors. There’s so many when I try to run it I can’t even begin to write them all-- but from what I can tell they seem to deal with a problem in naming the quips (e.g. The sentence ‘The current quip is a quip that varies’ appears to say two things are the same - I am reading ‘current quip’ and ‘quip that varies’ as two different things, and therefore it makes no sense to say that one is the other:). I feel like this could probably be fixed relatively easily but I myself have no idea how.

What I like about this extension is that it has menu based conversation and seems relatively easy to use: I’ve looked at the Simple Chat by Tilford but it seems like a pain to use for a conversation-heavy game.

Either way, if you can somehow help me to get this to work, or have suggestions about other extensions to use, that would be great!

I usually get errors like that if I haven’t defined ‘quip’ before (like “A quip is a kind of thing”). Does your code or extension have a line like that earlier?

Looking at the version of Quip-Based Conversations on the Inform 7 site (Is that the version you’re using?), it looks like it relies on another extension, Reactable Quips. And Reactable Quips is what defines “quip.” But Quip-Based Conversations should include Reactable Quips automatically, assuming you’ve installed both extensions. So maybe there’s something in Reactable Quips that Inform is not interpreting correctly.

It might help to start a test project, include Reactable Quips only, and see if that extension by itself will compile in the version of Inform you’re using. And if not, then maybe try to get those errors sorted out before adding in Quip-Based Conversations.

I’ve used the extension recently, and you do need Reactable Quips as well. I don’t remember any problems.