Getting a Story link to open in a new tab (or other alternative fix)

Twine Version: Twine 2.4.1
Story Format: Harlowe 3.3.1

Hello! I have a gamebook I’m writing where the player has to “save” a link for later use. Basically, when they start the journey they are told “under these circumstances, you need to turn to page 238.” If those circumstances arise, I need them to have ready access to page 238. But it’s not something I can plan to happen so I can’t attach it to a specific page.

Is there a way to have this open in a new tab to be “on reserve” or some other way to keep this section on reserve so the player can click on it when needed?

AFAIK you can’t save a particular page of a Twine piece in a new tab…

But you could have a header-tagged passage with something like:

{(if: (visited: "remember this link"))[
	(append: ?Sidebar)[ [[page 238]] ]

That would add a link in the sidebar once you’ve seen the passage that asks you to “save” the link for later.

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Nice! The sidebar will do the trick nicely. Do I need to put this line of code into every passage following the “remember this link” passage in order to keep the sidebar appended?

That’s what the header tag does: it basically inserts that passage at the start of every other passage.

And then “if visited” checks to see if you’re on or after the passage that asks the user to remember the link.

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Hah, oh geez! I couldn’t get this to work and then I realized all this time I’ve been doing header with a capital “H”

Wow. Learning opportunity maximized!

Thank you!

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Huh. I didn’t know that was case sensitive either. Good to know!