Get Roblox-ready for River Rescue

River Rescue Obby is a Roblox game I’ve almost finished building, spun off from Spring Thing 2024’s Dragon of Steelthorne by Vance Chance. River Rescue is a third person 3D adventure in the Roblox Obby genre (3d platforming) with a smidgeon of story and cameos by five NPCs from Dragon.

All you’ll need to try it is a Roblox account (you can get ready and make one now – it’s free!) plus the free Roblox app on any computer or phone or tablet. Or cadge off the account of a kid you know or have produced. The game’s G-rated and suitable for such kid(s). It has an easy start, and can build up your obby skills (or establish them from a position of non-existence). If you’re not arcadey, it may eventually challenge them too much.

I had no idea when I took on this prize option I’d end up producing a substantial 3d game, and my first released 3d game. I’ve got a newfound respect for Roblox as a tech/creative platform. I mean my nephew’s getting me on it all the time, but now I feel it’s amazing to be able to make a game like this in a few months and have it run on almost any machine, and with multiplayer support. I’m glad Vance nudged me to proceed with this particular spin-off idea when we were kicking ideas around and I wasn’t sure.

Anyway, the game will be done soonish.