Get Lamp...?

Hey…so I decided I wanted to buy the Get Lamp documentary, and…long story short, my question is this: is Jason Scott alive? Functional? MIA? Still operating the website?

Thanks, all.



Why do you ask? Are you having problems placing the order?

Apparently my mother ordered it for me for Christmas, waited like a month, and never heard from the guy. She tried e-mailing, and she tried calling, and whatever number she found was disconnected. Obviously, I find it hard (read: impossible) to believe he suddenly turned into an Internet scam artist, so I’m trying to figure out what to do next.

It looks like his site was hacked at some point in the recent past.

Google has some of the pages in its cache:

He seems to have it cleaned up, but if your mom placed an order in the meantime it may have been intercepted or diverted.

You should email him about it.

Oh Golly. I’ll try that, thanks.

Yay, he responded to my tweet, and it seems all is well. Thank you!

Just regarding site hacking, he may or may not have cleaned it up - some hacked websites only look hacked to Googlebot, they present the “normal” version of the site to everybody else.

Very nasty - it happened to me: … -too-late/

Actually, it doesn’t look cleaned up at all. Hrm. Or else it was tagged a second time.

I pinged Jason on twitter about it.

Alex - That’s horrifying.

zarf - I hope he’s able to fix it, and permanently.

The “News” link goes to a blank screen, on both my iPhone and my Mac (Chrome browser). Related?

Jason just fixed the spammage. It was indeed doing some browser-sniffing.

The news links goes to , which is a standard Wordpress setup – I don’t think there was anything wrong with that.

Blank page in Chrome for me - if I make IE pretend it’s Lynx, the page loads and looks OK but View Source shows spammy stuff.

Similar problems on specific articles on too.