GeoGuessr - A fun diversion!

You get placed in Googlemaps Street View somewhere randomly in the world and have to guess where you are after looking around. Share your scores with friends! BEAT THEM UNTIL THEY ARE HUMILIATED WITH YOUR GEOGRAPHIC AMAZINGNESS!!!

GeoGuessr is a whole lot of fun, but the scores I get are pretty much a matter of luck.

Apart from super-obvious cues (Portuguese signs in a tropical country, those flags that USAnians put absolutely everywhere, city names visible), I tend to get either a >2000 point guess (right continent, right biome) or a <400 guess (totally wrong continent, roughly equivalent biome). With just five guesses per round, that makes for really variable scores.

Also, I’m petitioning Google to discontinue Street View service in New Zealand. That place looks like everywhere.

Yeah, lol, all of my completely wrong answers were in that part of the world. I lucked out once when I saw a sign that said “New Zealand”. :laughing:

Unless you see a sign for Dunedin, that is!

I guessed that something was the completely flat featureless road between Lubbock and Amarillo, which I used to drive on occasionally, and it turned out to be a completely flat featureless road in Western Nebraska that I drove on twice while moving to and from Salt Lake City. I’m not sure whether that’s a moral victory or a moral defeat.

You win the internet!

Sounds an awful lot like Pursued (
If I’m not mistaken, Pursued has been out for a couple months, so I don’t know which one is older… It has (provided you register, I think, or enter a passcode that is easy to find if you ask the internet) community-created levels, but no point system. Both are a really fun concept though.

Which makes me think: a text version of those games could be fun :smiley:
“You are in a street with little coloured houses. The sign on the shop across the street says “Fferyllfa”. Where are you?”
With bonus points if you manage to mislead the player by describing the Eiffel Tower (or another landmark) in a way such that most players won’t get it!

I’m already bad enough at this, thank you very much!

That was pretty much Carmen Sandiego, wasn’t it? The suspect abandoned a car with a RED, WHITE AND BLUE flag in the rear window. It smells of BLOOD PUDDINGS.

You may be right! I don’t think I’ve ever played Carmen Sandiego, save for a couple times of one of the ones relying mostly on graphics (maybe Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? I don’t remember).

Of course.

I did ok. 6000 twice