Geocaching and IF combined

Dear IF folks,

I just wanted to let you know that I recently finished an interesting project involving interactive fiction. It’s not a pure work of IF, but combines geocaching and IF into a sort of augmented reality game. It cannot be finished without visiting the real places mentioned in the game via GPS coordinates.

For those among you who are geocachers themselves or just want to have a look at my work, check out … ching.html

I was able to finish the game thanks to help from this forum, that was great (and fast!) support!

Kind regards,

Adorable! I did something similar, though way less involved, for my significant other last Valentine’s Day. Mine was just did a virtual version of my house, with a virtual version of my housemate’s cat giving clues about where the treasure was stashed. It was much easier than training the real cat. :slight_smile:

I don’t know a huge amount about geocaching, but I have run into a few other references to people doing things like this: … wp=GC1XBVY

(Possibly you’ve already seen these, but just in case…)

Huh. Is this a major rewrite of a game that was betaed a year or so ago, or is this just a second geocaching game with waterfalls and Japanese gardens and parks?

@emshort: Darn, I knew I couldn’t possibly the first to think of that. :wink: Thanks for mentioning those. They look better than mine … maybe I’ll polish mine a little more. :slight_smile:

@gravel: No, pure coincidence, apparently. :slight_smile: Where did you see the other one?


Geoquest: it’s one of the links Emily posted. .

Is there a squirrel? If so, then I will be officially weirded out.

Johannes, where does one need to live to play this game for the geocaching? Is it limited to Germany and it’s immediate neighbors?

@gumby: You’d have to visit Freiburg, Germany, to find the real cache locations, sorry.

In order to finish only the virtual part, you have to find a clue in the Japanese Garden (which really exists there). I can tell you this clue (I hope none of the geocachers find this via Google …), it is “ic0510”. That’s what you have to tell the dragons. To get past “Wisteria Bridge” you need to find two more clues and calculate their sum, which is 199. With those two pieces of information you are able to play through the whole game, if you’d like to try.

I am stealing this idea. Including the cat issue.