Gateway hint request

I am stuck in Hell. Really. There are demons and a seven-headed hydra and monstrous living statues and I can’t get out.

I found a sequence that gets me pretty far, but I can’t seem to get back to the hydra to defeat it.
-I take the sword to the demon gauntlet to get the sack and the net.
-I use the ash (twice) to locate the invisible demon and to see it; then I catch him with the net and take his ring.
-I catch the statue’s breath in the sack.

-I’m thinking I should go full circle and use the fiery breath/dust on the hydra, but I cannot return to the hydra location. The demons throw me off the gauntlet and the invisible demon kills me right away. What should I do (I still have the demon’s ring. I have not killed the invisible demon.)

Blasted! Right now, while I’m typing this, I realized that I should be re-enacting The Hobbit! WEAR RING–>Invisible! I must have read the books three times!

You Fool!, he said to himself.

(Advice to anyone reading this: posting hint requests to the Forum makes you think of the solution yourself.)