Gargoyle vs Lectrote

I want to play Anchorhead. Which is interpreter is better? I have Windows 7. I need something simple. I want to be able to change text font/ and background color. The game is available through a browser but you can’t change the look.


Hey, welcome!

Personally I’d probably recommend Lectrote if you want something simple – customization is a little easier out of the box (Gargoyle configuration requires messing about with an .ini file, I believe).


I use Windows Frotz on Windows 7. Just double-click on the z8 (or whatever) file and you’re away. You can change the font, font size, text and background colours in the program.


I assume you’re planning to play the original (and free) 1998 version - for what it’s worth, the updated 2018 version (which is for sale on itch and Steam) is packaged with Lectrote.

Before you buy it, though, make sure Lectrote works on Windows 7. That’s old enough that I really have no idea what runs on it.

See, I didn’t know that. :)

Thanks for the help! I will try Lectrote and Frotz…see which I prefer. I also want to play Shade, Trinity, and Counterfeit Monkey after I’m through with Anchorhead.

I’m not sure what your experience is like, but you might want to play a few smaller games before attacking Anchorhead, as that’s quite a big game.

I played Zork and Curse back in the day. They seemed pretty big. What’s the biggest?

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Probably ‘World’, but that’s not a Z-code game. If you’re comfortable with original Zork/Dungeon and Curses!, then you’ll be okay with Anchorhead.

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