Gargoyle How To Configure Layout

I’m not sure if this is the place to ask this, but in the Gargoyle interpreter for Linux, is there a way of setting the left and right margins so the text never exceeds a certain width? I have a wide monitor and I keep losing my place when a paragraph spans the entire width of the screen.

I’m also not really finding any resources for how to write a configuration file for Gargoyle anywhere on Google, except for font size and font family.

This isn’t as much of a problem when I put Gargoyle on the left and a map program on the right, but I use Gargoyle for testing my own stories and I don’t open a mapper for those.

I think the standard method is to use Gargoyle in non-fullscreen mode, then it will default to the “cols 60” width which is set in the config file (and will resize only if you make the window larger).

You don’t need to write a config file from scratch, the included garglk.ini (and/or .garglkrc) has comments on the various settings.

It seems the most direct way to achieve a relatively narrow text display in a wider window would be to set lockcols to 1:

lockcols      1               # set to 1 to enforce col count

and of course set cols to your preferred width (or leave it at the default of 60):

cols          60              # nice good line length for reading

Alternatively, you could increase wmarginx, for example from 20 to 500, depending on the width of your screen:

wmarginx      500              # space around the window frame

You truly are a saint! Thank you!

None of the config files generated on my machine for some reason, so I’ve been writing .garglkrc from scratch using snippets I could find here and there. So far, only managed to set a dark theme lol.

This works like a charm! I’m so happy to see this; thank you again!

Also really pleased that I can use the same column width whether it’s fullscreen or half-screen!!

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