Gargoyle for Windows (bug!)

I’m running Gargoyle 2019.1.1 in Windows 10. I’ve just noticed that it accesses items in the hint menu backwards. When I select menu item A, I get the results for menu item B. And when I see submenus X and Y, hitting Return for X takes me to the hints for Y.

This is a big problem. I’m going to see if I can find a way to report it directly to Tor, but in the meantime I figured everybody in TADS-land would want to know about it and possibly check it on their system.

Apparently it’s maintained by Ben Cressey, but I don’t see an email address for him.

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At the moment I’m de facto maintainer of Gargoyle; you can report issues to Issues · garglk/garglk · GitHub.

There has been a new release since 2019.1 with a large TADS update, so it may be fixed there. You can get the new release from Release Gargoyle 2022.1 · garglk/garglk · GitHub.

If it still exhibits the issue, I’ll be happy to give it a look and try to figure out what’s going on.

Perfect – thanks! It seems to be fine now. I’m getting ready to recruit testers for this game, so I need to be able to tell them what to download. (Now I actually have to write some more hints…)