Gargoyle 2019.1 for Gentoo Linux for Great Justice

Gentoo Linux ("…there are twelve of us!") now supplies a Gargoyle 2019.1 package via the third-party raigaent overlay. Because nothing says Gentoo Linux like mostly unwinnable plaintext monochrome TTY-only verb-noun parser-based treasure hunts only released for 70’s-era time-sharing mainframe systems with inscrutable acronyms like PDP-11/20, IS/1, Interdata 7/32, and the 36-bit UNIVAC 1100. (36-bit: lol.)

But, quasi-seriously. Here’s how to get the newest, greatest, and eminently badical Gargoyle release up and stumbling with the most brutalized parser games this side of MDL:

# Install the `eselect repository` module (if needed).
emerge --ask app-eselect/eselect-repository
mkdir -p /etc/portage/repos.conf

# Add and synchronize the third-party raiagent overlay (if needed).
eselect repository enable raiagent
emerge --sync raiagent

# Install Gargoyle 2019.1.
emerge --ask --autounmask games-engines/gargoyle

Prepare to be destroyed by Douglas Adams all over again.

Also, play C.E.J. Pacian’s free-as-in-beer Superliminal Vagrant Twin – for it is good and just and represents all that is worth your scarce time in this entertainment-overabundant and commonsense-deprived world.