Gamification :)

Loving the gamification of this site, by the way. Is there a “first swearword” achievement? :smiley:

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There is not:slight_smile:

While we do not prohibit swear words in general, the minimum age to create an account here is 13 and we hope to keep most public discussion at a PG level since we do have families with children who use the forum and people who browse at work.

We understand an occasionally well-intentioned cuss-word can be cathartic, harmless, and appropriate under certain circumstances. We also understand that occasionally games may include mature themes and language and trust our members to include a content warning or note NSFW content and utilize the forum’s spoiler-blur or a [details] tag around text to require a click to view when discussing such material.

You can find the hide details and spoiler options under the gear icon when composing or wrap it in the appropriate tags (click the arrow):
[spoiler]This will be blurred.[/spoiler]

[details=Visible before click]
This text will be hidden until the reader clicks the arrow.

You won’t be subject to moderation for language unless:

  • Adult language is directed at someone as a personal attack;
  • You are an egregious potty mouth and it offends people enough that it gets flagged by the community;
  • You discuss mature, triggering, or offensive content in a game publicly without appropriate warnings/tags/spoiler-blur repeatedly and continue to do so even when asked to stop by other members or Staff. (Staff occasionally will just edit the message to include tags or blur as necessary, but we will discuss/moderate if it becomes a repeated issue.)

As always, Forum Staff reserves the right to summarily remove or edit inappropriate content.

Regarding adult games or AIF:

We do have an opt-in “adult interactive fiction” category to discuss adult games with slightly relaxed language and content requirements, although all forum rules still apply. Regular members will never see this category and its content unless they make a specific request to join this group and verify they are of legal age and are approved by Staff.


Alrighty then! Alternatively, is there a sense-of-humour bypass award? :laughing:

I completely understand your post was tongue-in-cheek, but it was a good opportunity to reinforce forum policy - especially since you chose to post in the Site Feedback category which is intended for discussions regarding how the forum operates.

Discourse actually has a specific “gamification” plugin where members get scores for accomplishing tasks, but it appears to require some extensive customization, and we’ve always hoped that quality discussion is the focus here rather than trying to climb a ladder or competing to be a “better” poster than someone else.

The forum does automatically award “trust” and additional privileges for participation and staying out of trouble. This is mainly to prevent people from creating a new account solely to cause trouble or post spam. For example, you won’t be able to post links if you’re level-0, and have a time window to edit your posts until you reach level-2. At level 3 you get access to public chat channels which are quite popular.


Yes, and the feedback I gave you was positive, and no, it really wasn’t a good opportunity to go on a policy diatribe, but you gave me a good laugh anyway :+1::rofl:

I mean, I personally wouldn’t choose to publicly manufacture friction with a site Admin on my first day, but you do you.

Enjoy the forum.


Wow! I hadn’t thought there was friction, but if there is any, it’s all down to you.

Enjoy your adminning.