Games with Similar Premises in Comp 2011

Does anyone else think that this year’s Comp has a lot more games that have similar premises than usual? Usually the Comp gets at least a couple (I hear zombies were popular last year), but this year they practically come in pairs.

Here’s the connections I thought of:
It and Six: Both games about hide-and-seek variants
Binary and Hours: Both about time travellers
Cana According to Micah and The Tenth Plague: Both biblical games
(This next bit is a little spoiler-y)

Last Day of Summer and Cold Iron: Both deal with a story telling reverend in some way. This is actually the weirdest one, I think, because it’s so random. Is there some kind of historical character these two are based on that I don’t know about?

Huh. Now that I’ve written this out, I realize that there weren’t that many similar premises after all. Still kind of wigged out about that last one though. And if nothing else, looking for similarities can be a fun little game. So what similarities between games have you guys found?

There’s at least one more with a sort of religious theme to it:

Beet the Devil

Robert Rothman

Something like this pretty much always happens. One year multiple games prominently featured squid. It’s a slightly less calculable variation on the birthday problem.

Why do so many IF Comp games
Feature themes that are almost the same?
It seems rather odd
That a cephalopod
Gets its own fifteen minutes of fame

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Robert Rothman

Curiously enough, my soon to reach beta-testing phase Haunted House game is not an IF-Comp game, but just like Anssi Raisanen’s Ted Paladin And The Case Of The Abandoned House is just about hanging around a… well, abandoned house! And they both start in a location called “Outside of the house” and the first thing to do is finding a way in!

I’ve just started to play with it, so I could find some more coincidences along the way! [emote]:D[/emote]


-You reach upstairs using an old ladder which collapses at the last second
-Rooms are named after colors

And I think this is only the beginning! [emote]:lol:[/emote]

Heh, that’s spooky! But hey, your game sounds good [emote];)[/emote]

ParaNoir and Death of Schlig are both about slightly wonky hard-boiled detectives who have weird personal problems that give them an edge against the game’s puzzles.

Sentencing Mr Liddell and Awake the Mighty Dread both seem to be nightmarishly surreal games set mostly on trains.

We certainly had our share of detectives this year:

  • PataNoir
  • Death of Schlig
  • The Myothian Falcon
  • Return to Camelot
  • Taco Fiction

Also, indescribable hats! Owned by mysterious characters! In four games!
(Playing Games, Cold Iron, Last Day of Summer, Doctor M)

[spoiler]Playing Games

Cold Iron

Last Day of Summer

The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M

OK, that one isn’t actually indescribable. It doesn’t say why it’s hideous, though.


Cold Iron and Beet the Devil have very similar premises in that…

In both games, the PC is a highly religious farmer-type with little to no schooling who lives in an unspecified period of distant history, and whose livelihood is suddenly disrupted by the supernatural one day. Yet, interestingly, neither game really plays their rustic protagonist for cheap laughs.