Games Seeking Reviews: an IFDB poll

In the spirit of the IF Review Conspiracy, I’ve started a poll on IFDB to collect games whose authors would like more reviews. (I’m thinking specifically of games released outside of IFComp or Spring Thing, since those events already get a lot of reviewing attention.) I’m sharing this here both so authors can submit their games to the poll, and so that prospective reviewers will know it exists! I plan to run some sort of review drive event sometime after Spring Thing, but I definitely encourage anyone interested in reviewing any games on the list to go ahead and do so whenever.


I think your poll ID is missing at the moment, Tabitha! (Broken link.) Very cool idea though, and I’m looking forward to seeing its fruition.


This is really cool! Yeah, link seems to be broken right now? I found the actual link here: Games seeking reviews (authors only) - an IFDB Poll


Oh dear, thank you both for the heads up! Have now fixed it in the OP!


Very cool idea! Makes me want to dust off my reviewing hat myself.


Just putting this here because I find it interesting; another example of past efforts to garner reviews for non-comp games was having review panels for certain events. I happened upon this interview with Emily Short about her experience organizing the 2001 SmoochieComp, which wasn’t actually a comp as there was no voting or ranking; rather, before release the games were played and reviewed by a panel of judges, and their reviews and the games were then released at the same time.

Stephen: What made you decide to hold a SmoochieComp?

Emily: Well, I’d been talking with various people about how games released outside the main competition didn’t seem to get enough attention, so I was thinking about what would be a good model for a comp that would be different (less focus on scoring things) but provide some feedback. I was drawn to enter last year’s IF Art Show by the promise of reviews and attention, so I thought maybe that general concept would be a good model.


Adding to the collection…

The Non-Comp Review Project was a project begun by Greg Boettcher. Peter Mattsson was to take it over in 2006, but it did not actually continue past 2005. The goal of the project was to review every IF game that was not entered in a competition for the given year.

The Non-Comp Review Project - IFWiki


Bumping this in order to collect more games, as I’m planning to launch the event soon! Add any of your own games that you’d like to see reviewed—decades old or released yesterday, one minute long or 20 hours, parser or choice or something else entirely.