Games on "mainframes" outside the USA/UK/Sweden?

Adventure, the very first text adventure game, was on “mainframes”, these huge computers which already existed before there were any home computers, but were rather in universities etc.

It seems that there were (relatively!) many people in the United States and UK who played it (or its imitations) on mainframes: among others, the founders of Infocom and of Level 9 and the authors of Acheton, and I’ve seen people on the R*IF newsgroups or in interviews who said they had played it at the time. I also know that there were also people from Sweden, who then authored Stuga. But I never heard of, for instance, French people who played it on mainframes – neither in the current French IF community nor anywhere else…

So, I’m curious: do you know about people from anywhere else than the USA/UK/Sweden, especially from non-English-speaking countries, who played Adventure on mainframes at the time? (Were there even mainframe computers in these countries, and were there any games on them?)