games like Lurking Horror

I’m interested in other games like Lurking Horror.

Things I like:

  • takes place in a college environment
  • involves old timey computers (terminals, mainframes, etc.)
  • horror theme

Any recommendations?

If you haven’t played Anchorhead, you really should. It doesn’t have computers, but it’s also Lovecraftian, and it takes place in a small New England college town. It’s also one of the best IF games ever…

I remember Lurking Horror, it was a fun game. I think that game was a strong influence when I wrote “CipherText”. While it’s sci-fi based, and not horror, I was trying to get that college campus feel. I found myself putting a lot of thought into how the main storyline could require that YOU, the player, had to solve the mystery of what was going on, without it making more sense that the whole university student body or the administration would be looking into what was going on. I actually had one version finished and working, and then stopped for about 2 weeks and thought about whether it really made sense, and then rewrote a big chunk of it.

I also wasn’t sure the University I modelled the game after would “want” a game taking place on the campus. I had no basis one way or another about whether they’d think “oh cool” or “lawsuit”, so I never actually named the university in the game, even though if you’re familiar with the institution in question, it’s obvious. I also made one or two changes to the game so it keeps the events fairly “neutral” about what is transpiring on the campus.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences on whether real places want IF written about them?

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure they’d care…

Most people at that university don’t even know that the IF Archive is hosted there; I doubt they’d even notice the game. It’s not exactly a naked student in a pope hat.

As one data point, we showed the Disenchantment Bay examples (from the I7 built-in manual) to the guy whose boat and person it was based upon. He was… bewildered.

True, they do have bigger concerns right now :open_mouth:

You’re not naked if you’re wearing a hat.

Don’t tell me when I’m not naked!

I’m naked under my clothes.

Theater is a pretty decent horror game. No computers or college campuses, but plenty of atmosphere!