Game to exe

How can I change my inform 7 game to executable windows game (.exe)?

This is what I did. I didn’t wind up with a single .exe, but it was a Windows installer that created a runnable game.

Theoretically you could adapt your game to FyreVM and create your own WinForms executable with your game embedded as a resource. I’ve done it although not well enough to merit sharing. It’s on my task list to make CLI tools to build web apps and executables for iOS, Android, and Windows…similar to Cordova.


I believe you can distribute your ZCode or Glulx file and rename the Glulxe.exe, or Frotz.exe, to <yourgame’sname>.exe. Then, when you double-click the interpreter, it will automatically open your game.

I would, however, advise you to always distribute the original portable file as well as your .exe. I can’t play your game in my iPod if you don’t supply me with the portable file. :wink:

I don’t the concern is offering the game file. We know the market for that is limited to gamers and highly skilled computer users.

I think there are many more people who wouldn’t know what to do with a game file, so being able to make it into a “standard” application (like an .exe) or “app” is important.


Sure. I’m just saying it’s best to distribute the portable file along with the exe.

Personally, I don’t know that you have to be super skilled to deal with an interpreter. I also personally think it’s best to make the most of the portability - an .exe file is only playable on Windows machines. But, none of this matters at all if the author releases both the raw file and the application.