Game Release: Yesterday, You Saved the World

Had a crazy start to the year, but I finally got this newest project done!

I hope you guys enjoy the project, and I’m curious to know what you all think about the ‘About’ page. I’m thinking of adding a similar page to all my older games in order to add more context to Twine games for people who just land on it. Thoughts?

Yesterday, You Saved the World


Today you are only Lucy Newman, eighth grader, C student, nobody.
But yesterday, you were cosmic. Yesterday, you were a magical girl.
Yesterday, you saved the world.

Development System: Twine 1.4


This has an amazing text layout, and the design is simple but visually delicious. I am particularly fond of the changing star color schemes as the story progresses. In terms of content, I thought the writing was excellent. The concept had a cool Powerpuff/Sailor Moon “strong school-aged girls” aesthetic that was empowering and easy to digest. I particularly like how the options were presented like a JRPG menu, even if it did make the game feel a bit repetitive to play. I actually finished it, which is more I can saw for many Twines I play. It caught my attention and kept it the entire story. Nice work!

Really polished-looking. Also, there’s a nice connection between magical-girl content and JRPG UI here.

I haven’t gotten a chance to play this yet, but I do really like the blurb.

As a middle-age man, I felt kinda strange playing a school-girl in second person. I would relate better to third person. I also think third person fits better with the magic girl archetype. But of course, second person is far more intimate.

Anyway, great game!

Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I’ll certainly keep comments in mind for the next project. I’m so glad you all enjoyed it!!