Game of the Month: October 06: All Hope Abandon by E. Eve

As the voting period is now over, I’m glad to announce ‘All Hope Abandon’ by Eric Eve as the next game of the month. I ask everyone who’s interested to play and finish the above mentioned game by 30 September 2006. You can download the game from

All Hope Abandon is written in TADS 3. You can find information on how to play TADS games on the official TADS site.

Starting October 1st, 2006, this thread can be used for discussions and reviews. If you write a review, please consider posting it not only here (either to this thread or in the designated Reviews section) but also to some of the following sites: SPAG, Interactive Fiction Reviews and Baf’s guide. Also worth mentioning are the InsideADRIFT newsletter (esp. for ADRIFT games) as well as the Spanish SPAC e-zine. Shorter reviews may also be placed at Interactive Fiction Ratings.

Also, feel free to ask for help in this thread if you get stuck, but please mark your post with an appropriate spoiler warning.
Games for the next discussion can be suggested in this thread.

Some clarification: I’ve changed the naming style to represent the month a game actually gets discussed. This seems to make more sense to me than the old system. The planned process for all Game of the Month discussions is as follows:

Voting: First seven days of every month (eg. September). As soon as the voting is over, suggestions for new games can be made until the end of the month.
Playing: Until end of corresponding month (eg. September)
Discussion: During the whole subsequent month (eg. October)

I meant to play All Hope Abandon when it came out but for some reason it just passed me by. Time to give it a go now, I guess.