Game Hosting Websites on IFWiki?

Unfortunately, I can’t find an explicit list of IF hosting sites on although some are mentioned in articles about Jams, for example. Do you know if that omission is intentional or have I overlooked it?


There’s a short list in our resource wiki under “Game Hosting and Publishers”

Also remember a IFWiki by its nature is community-editable. If there’s not a page, you might be able to start one yourself.


I noticed that entry. I’m about to suggest that be added to it, but wanted to be sure that such a list wouldn’t be in competition with one on the IFWiki

Thanks for the suggestion. However, I’m somewhat reluctant to start that particular Wiki page, at least partially because some of the potential entries might refer to sites which don’t want to be publicized there. I.e. it seems to me that the people responsible for such sites should be the ones responsible for their publicity.

This happens to me at work all the time. “Can we have specific documentation for this? I don’t know how it all works.” “Sure, we don’t have documentation for this yet, but someone will get around to it.”

[months go by]

“Hey, I wrote up my own documentation for how I’m doing this even though I’m not an expert…” “Oh wow yeah, let me review this and run it by some people to make corrections…”

It’s easier to request someone fix a squeaky wheel on a cart than to get them to build a cart from scratch.


Don’t worry about that. We’re two separate websites but there’s no “competition” and having information duplicated here and there is not a bad thing. Often information like this is purposely propagated across the sites because it applies in both places - information posted and researched here might be a good fit to preserve on IFWiki and vice-versa.