Game Grumps: The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo

Game Grumps has released a let’s play of Michael Lutz’s 2014 choice narrative The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo.

NSFW language and humor:

(For reference, Game Grumps have frequently referenced the title in other videos (even making up songs about it) which apparently is a meme the game is also based on.)


I’ve never played this game, but in elementary school I had a friend who claimed he had an uncle who lived in Japan and either worked for Nintendo or knew somebody who did, so he totally knew all the inside scoops and could get hook ups for new games and stuff.

None of this ever turned out to be true or actually panned out, of course (I remember being bitterly disappointed a promised pre-release version of Astyanax, of all things, never materialized).

I’m not sure whether this sort of thing is what the meme or game are about, but it’s what I always think of whenever I hear the title.


Yes, that is what the game’s title refers to.


I played Astyanax at the arcade, and the identity overhaul for the Nintendo sounds bloody awful. Greenview High School? The fairy Cutie? Princess Rosebud? The axe Bash?!

This is why I never had anything to do with Nintendo – after game’n’watches :slight_smile: – until they got the Resident Evil remake.