Game Dev Community Discord Jam

This is not an IF-specific Jam, but an IF submission would clearly be allowed.

The Jam doesn’t start for nearly two weeks, but you can join the itch page it’s hosted on now. I already did. :man_shrugging:

Might be a fun outlet for a speed-IF as the theme isn’t announced until the Jam starts. You have to join the Game Dev Community Discord to enter, but the server is open and there’s a link to join right on the Jam Page.

Submissions open from March 25th 2022 to March 27th 2022.

Learn more here:

In case someone actually joins the discord, be aware that you must first accept the rules and then select the member option under the roles category before you can access the entire discord server. Thanks.

Just a reminder that a short Game Jam starts in a half hour and runs for 72 hours. No prizes, shockingly few rules, and open to virtually all game engines. Individuals and teams welcome.

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This event is now over. The theme was Space Travel with 18 submissions.

@HanonO : Please lock this topic if and when you have a chance. Thank you.