Game clubs?

I’m wondering what exists currently in the way of game-playing clubs. Is Club Floyd still going on?

I’d also be interested in a non-realtime game playing club - kind of like what Emily was saying about Curses in the “Without Hints” thread. It could be as simple as choosing a game and starting a thread for it on this forum.

Does anything like that exist, and if not, is anyone interested in starting it? I recently finished LGOP and am looking for another largish game to play - possibly Infocom, possibly raif-classic, possibly recent. A group of people would not only be fun for discussing the story and sharing hints, but also for choosing a game…

  • Mike

Club Floyd is definitely still going on – still posting transcripts of games that’ve been released a couple weeks ago. The transcripts are here.

I’m not on IFMud myself, though, so I would totally be interested in playing a game on the forum. Infocom might raise copyright issues, but this would be the best way to get me to play a really hard game. Would Make It Good be a good choice, or would playing it in a forum spoil the whatever it is that there is to be spoiled?

As a part of Zifmia I was thinking it would be possible to implement a shared session game play. So you log into a site and see sessions of games and some summary of where the game is…then you select a session and possibly join others in continuing the game in that session. When you need to leave, you just log out. The session remains and anyone can come and go. We could even make it so a moderator has to be on call to guide the session. This would make it possible to play a larger game, with other people, in a real-time setting, but not be required to do it all at once or even with the same people all the time.

David C.

That sounds great. It would be nice to have more than just the one Club Floyd, and it would be good to be able to do it outside ifMud.

At the moment, I think I’d actually prefer to play individually and discuss communally, though. I’ve never heard of Make It Good, but I’d be willing to join if there’s enough interest.

I’ve never used it, but would Google Wave be a good format for the kinds of multilevel conversations that are likely to result?

A very good game, and also a good one to talk to other people about as you play.


Google Wave will soon be no more.

or play a game in real time (and collaborative mode) using Rebot; a perl script that allows play games over MSN, IRC, Jabber , telnet or mud.



I don’t think I could ever gather enough motivation to finish a difficult game like Make it Good on my own, as much as I might like to. I’d be happy to participate in community play-through, especially of some of the harder and longer games. There are many longer puzzle games that I’ve given up on, and this might be a way for me to finally see the end of some of them.

This is pretty much exactly my feeling.

Would you care to list them? We can put together a queue perhaps…

I had a look at the intro of Make It Good. I would be willing to start a thread here for new players of it (or at least people who haven’t finished it yet) if there is interest.

I’ve started many games that I haven’t finished. Here are some of the ones that I made serious attempt at solving, and that I would interested to finish some day: Curses, Jigsaw, Trinity, Border Zone, Beyond Zork, Adventure, Zork, Anchorhead, The King of Shreds and Patches, Without a Clue… that should be enough. :slight_smile:

I’ve already been through Curses, Beyond Zork, Zork, Adventure and Anchorhead with varying degrees of hints and walkthroughs. Trinity I’m saving for when I can convince my wife to play with me. But I’d be interested in the remainder:


Border Zone

The King of Shreds and Patches

Without a Clue

…Anyone else?

I’m interested in any of those four (plus Make It Good). I haven’t tried any of them at all.